Saturday, 14 January 2017

2048 Cupcakes - a free online game

I found a free online game by chance today. It's called 2048 Cupcakes and it's a very easy, fun but additive game.

2048 Cupcakes, free online game

How to play this game?

Just join the cupcake tiles by moving your up, down, left or right arrow key.

The score of this game is based on the highest level of cupcake tile on the screen.

2048 Cupcakes, free online game
This is cookies and creme cupcake tile.

We start from vanilla birthday cupcake and work our way up to white chocolate peppermint cupcake.

2048 Cupcakes, free online game

Here are all the tile levels from the lowest vanilla birthday to the highest white chocolate peppermint.

vanilla birthday
bubblegum pink
sunshine vanilla
valrhona blonde ganache
chocolare peanut butter cheesecake
chocolate mint fudge
chocolate spider web
toasted marshmallow
cookies and creme
chocolate sundae
white chocolate peppermint

My best score is chocolate sundae.

2048 Cupcakes, free online game

When will I be able to go to the level of white chocolate peppermint? When will I see the white chocolate peppermint cupcake tile in one of the squares of this 2048 Cupcakes game? Maybe I go bake some white chocolate peppermint cupcakes instead of waiting. Ha ha.

Try this fun game my friends! Get your white chocolate peppermint cupcake tile!

2048 Cupcakes

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Jin Young's Love in the Moonlight special Interview [Entertainment Weekly 2016.10.17]

Other than Hong Ra On / Hong Sam Nom (Kim You Jung), Kim Yun Seong (Jin Young) is also my favourite character in Love in the Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds).

Kim Yun Seong, Jin Young, 진영, Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds,

This is the first time for Jin Young to be in a Korean period drama and in a drama award show. It's so nice that he won the Best New Actor Award of the 30th KBS Drama Awards in 2016.

Jin Young, 진영, Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, the Best New Actor Award, the 30th KBS Drama Awards,

Congratulations, Jin Young !! I feel so lucky to be able to discover him while watching Love in the Moonlight (KBS, 2016).

Because of his popularity in this drama, KBS World had an interview of him back in October 2016. In the video, there is a big sign in the background.

Kim Yun Seong, Jin Young, 진영, Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Jin Young's Love in the Moonlight special Interview, Entertainment Weekly  2016.10.17, 꽃진영

Beautiful / Handsome / Charming Jin Young 진영 [kkoch Jin Young]
Just learned this word [kkoch] from one of my friends awhile ago while trying to understand a YouTube video title. (Please refer to: Happy Birthday Jin Young! 생일 축하해요)

In this interview, Jin Young mentioned about something his dad does each year to his mum after they got married.

Jin Young: My dad never missed making a birthday seaweed soup for my mum since he got married to her. I think I've to carry on like a family tradition.

Wow, it's so romantic. But what's a birthday seaweed soup?

One of my friends told me to watch episode 2 of Warm and Cozy (MBC, 2015). She said Jin Young is also in it.

Jin Young, 진영, Warm and Cozy

This is the birthday seaweed soup from Warm and Cozy.

Korean birthday seaweed soup, birthday seaweed soup, seaweed soup, Warm and Cozy

At the end of the episode, there is a bomal seaweed soup recipe using Jeju Island conches.

Korean birthday seaweed soup, birthday seaweed soup, seaweed soup, A bomal seaweed soup with Jeju Island conches, Warm and Cozy

Why the main female character's birthday seaweed soup doesn't have any conches? If there are yummy recipes in Warm and Cozy, should I watch this drama?

Sorry, I don't think I'll watch Warm and Cozy. Not a big fan of Korean modern dramas. But Jin Young, if you're a cold-blooded killer or a detective in a modern drama, I may want to watch it.

When I watched the first episode of Love in the Moonlight, Jin Young reminds me of Abe no Seimei. Especially when I saw this image.

Kim Yun Seong, Jin Young, 진영, Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds,

Will anyone remake Japanese movie Onmyoji - The Yin Yang Master (Toho, 2001) and / or its sequel Onmyoji II (Toho, 2003)?

Onmyoji II, Abe no Seimei, Nomura Mansai, Japanese astrologer, 安倍晴明,陰陽師II, 野村萬斎,
Japanese version DVD photo of Onmyoji II

According to the folklore, Japanese astrologer Abe no Seimei's mum is a fox. Since Jin Young looks like a fox, he will be perfect as the Korean remake version of Abe no Seimei. Really want to be able to see Jin Young as an onmyoji. Maybe he time travels back to Heian period (794 to 1185) and becomes one. Ha ha!

Anyways, here is Jin Young's Love in the Moonlight special Interview video.

Jinyoung's special Interview
[Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.17]

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Grimm ep 1 'Fugitive' - season 6 recap and comment

In the last episode of season 5, Diana uses her puppet-magic to make her father, Captain Sean Renard, kill Bonaparte. The miracle stick heals injuries of Nick Burkhardt and Eve (Nick’s girlfriend Juliette).

Here is my drama recap of this remarkable episode 1 "Fugitive".

Grimm - The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm, Grimm, The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm, CTV, NBC, Portland homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt, Nick Burkhardt, David Giuntoli, Grimm episode 1, Fugitive, season 6, drama recap, TV recap

Opening quote of episode 1: "Maybe this world is another planet's hell."

The is a quote from a British author Aldous Huxley. Well, this hell is in Portland where the pro-Wesen organization Black Claw is trying to gain power and take over the world.

While Nick fighting with the Black Claw members, Monroe, Rosalee, Detective Hank Griffin, Sergeant Wu, Trubel and Eve are down in the catacombs to look for a way to escape. Later, when they realize Nick is not dead, they are very relieved.

Including Renard himself, nobody understands why he killed Bonaparte. After talking to his wife Adalind, who confusingly is also Nick's common-law spouse, he got the answer. His daughter Diana wants him to protect her mother by killing Bonaparte.

How can anyone fight Diana's super magic power? Will the Grimm Nick and Adalind's son be able to fight Diana's power?

In the human world, aka Portland, Renard killed Bonaparte. So, he needs to make sure he won't get caught. He frames Nick for Bonaparte’s death. Now, Portland homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt is a fugitive. His friends are trying to help him run away.

Before that, they dumped all the dead bodies at Nick's place into the catacombs. How convenient to have a catacomb under your house! Deposing dead bodies in Monroe and Rosalee's Spice Shop will be harder, though.

Eve experiences the Death Grip and freezes when a dead body grabs her arm at the Spice Shop. What is the Death Grip? According to one of Rosalee's books, if one goes into death with a pure soul, one can trade his / her way into the afterlife. So, instead of the dead Black Claw guy, Eve will go to hell? How can they stop this? There is an easy fix. Cut off the dead person’s hand.

How can Eve have a pure soul? Just like Monroe says in the drama, "Yeah, that doesn’t really make sense after everything she did, no offense." Did the miracle stick purify Eve? So Nick also has a pure soul now?

With a pure soul, Eve can see symbols of the cloth the stick has been wrapped in. The same ones she sees on the dead man's face during the Death Grip. Does it mean Nick can see the symbols, too?

Adalind calls Nick and they talk, hug and kiss in Renard’s house. Hey guys, Diana is in the same house, too!! What if she witnesses you guys kissing? This isn't "I saw mommy kisses Santa Claus", Nick! Diana murders everyone she hates! 

Oh, yeah, Nick, when Eve returns back to normal, not as a Hexenbiest but your girlfriend Juliette, what will you do?

Well, I guess Nick has to worry about this later. Renard orders a city-wide shoot-to-kill APB (all-points bulletin) out on Nick.

I didn't know watching Grimm will make me use the online Cambridge Dictionary. Maybe I didn't watch enough detective dramas, I had no idea what an APB was. Okay, this is how the Cambridge Dictionary explains this term.

"A radio message about a person or vehicle that the police are looking for, sent to all the police officers who work in a particular area."

Thank you Cambridge Online Dictionary

As a fugitive, Nick hides inside Bud's workshop. But Bud's also under surveillance since he calls Nick often. How come they didn't find out Adalind calls Nick often, too? What will Renard do if he knows Adalind calls Nick from their house more than once?

Meanwhile at the precinct, Hank and Wu discover that their Captain’s campaign PR manager is dead. In her apartment, Renard’s fingerprints are everywhere. Ha, Renard, you're in trouble now!

After everyone gathered at Bud's workshop, they decide to create a distraction. Bud and Monroe load a freezer onto Bud’s truck and pretend Nick is hiding inside the freezer. They hope to lure the police officer Franco (Nick and Hank's friend) away from where they are. Unfortunately, Renard and the whole Portland police force come to surround Bud's shop.

Eve tries to woge into a Hexenbiest to save everyone but she collapses. So who will come save Team Grimm?

I can't believe my sis forgot to watch the premiere of Grimm last Friday!! Here is a video from Access Hollywood for you, Sis.

'Grimm': Cast On Season 6 Threats, Diana's Powers & More

Sis, the second episode of season 6 "Trust Me Knot" will be on CTV / NBC on January 13, 2017. Friday the 13th!

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Grimm - The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm

The sixth and last season of Grimm is going to premiere tonight at 8pm on CTV / NBC.

Grimm - The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm, Grimm, The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm, CTV, NBC, Portland homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt, Nick Burkhardt, David Giuntoli,

My mum is happy to be able to watch another season of the Grimm. But she is also sad to know this is the show's final season.

So, what will happen to Portland homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), his partner, Detective Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby), his colleague, Sergeant Drew Wu (Reggie Lee), his friend Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and his girl friend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch)? Will they be able to fight the pro-Wesen organization Black Claw?

Here is it's preview from YouTube.

Grimm - The Final Chapter Will Be Grimm (Preview)

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Free printable inspiring quote colouring page - Today is going to be awesome

Do you love to colour? I do. I found this beautiful colouring page today. It's inspirational, printable and free !!!

Thank you for a British website In The Playroom, we can download PDF file of this colouring page from Valentina Harper of

Free printable inspiring quote colouring page, Free printable colouring page, Free colouring page, Free inspiring quote colouring page, printable inspiring quote colouring page, inspiring quote colouring page, colouring page, today is going to be awesome
Photo copyright @ Valentina Harper /
While colouring, I think this page will help inspiring me. Yes, today is going to be awesome. And, tomorrow is going to be more awesome, my friends.

Enjoying your awesome day already? Here is another free printable colouring page for you. An owl mandala colouring page from Thaneeya McArdle of

Free printable owl mandala colouring page, Free printable colouring page, Free colouring page, Free owl mandala colouring page, printable owl mandala colouring page, owl mandala colouring page, mandala colouring page, colouring page, Thaneeya McArdle,
Photo copyright @ Thaneeya McArdle /
Happy colouring my friends xox

Reference sites:
Valentina Harper

Thaneeya McArdle

In The Playroom